"Empty Is The Eyes Of Animals In Cages"

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About Me

Caffeine is my vice
Music is my therapy
Untamed Nature is my sanctuary
Thunderstorms bring peace of mind
Rigorous physical activity is my release
Animals are my companions
Humans are a plague
Physics explains all
Maths is the language of definition
The mind is an infinite world to explore
Happiness is the only thing that matters….

thought, lyrics, pictures, and the random that cross through my mind....

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  1. Rough concept of Yggdrasil

    Rough concept of Yggdrasil

  2. Some of the pieces dyed and waiting to be assembled

    Some of the pieces dyed and waiting to be assembled

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  4. Preview, still working on the colors

    Preview, still working on the colors

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  6. Stage 5: Tooling

    Stage 5: Tooling

  7. Stage 4: Cutting Pattern

    Stage 4: Cutting Pattern

  8. Stage 3: Patterns

    Stage 3: Patterns

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  10. Stage 2: Modeling

    Stage 2: Modeling

  11. Stage 1b: Design Refined

    Stage 1b: Design Refined

  12. Stage 1: Design

    Stage 1: Design

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  14. Great Day to Eat Paint, Bleed, and Cut People Down with Swords!

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  16. "All my life, I’ve never felt so strong as when we’re all together.
    All my days, I’ve never felt so powerless when you were taken away.
    There’s no one in this world with so much love and so much passion."

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  18. Why it sucks to be tall…..Showers, Chandeliers, Drinking Fountains, Sleeves, Hugs, Stalls, Ceilings, Door Ways, and Hanging shit!

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